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Yes, there really is a "Chuck", and his name is Charles "Chuck" Rolles.  Chuck graduated from the Cornell Hotel and Restaurant School in 1956, and then moved to Hawaii, and in 1959, opened the first of a number of restaurants that bear his name in Waikiki. After opening his second steak house in Waikiki, he was the first to bring the steak house and salad bar concept to the Continental United States.

Ken Williams was the first of Chuck's partners to bring the concept to the East Coast. Ken opened the first Chuck's Steak House in the East with its salad bar operation over 35 years ago, in West Haven, Connecticut. It was then that Chuck and his partners opened the first of a number of Chuck's Steak Houses that stretch from California to the East Coast.

Customers fell in love with the informal atmosphere, the open grills, all you could eat salad bars and high value concept. By the combining of the finest aged Western choice beef available, with the open hearth cooking, Chuck's Steak House has long established a solid reputation.

The process begins with our beef purveyor, second generation we might add, who painstakingly selects the very best USDA Western choice beef. This superior quality will always ensure high degrees of marbling, the essential ingredient responsible for the terrific flavor of our beef. He then carefully controls the aging process in our warehouse, and when the beef is ready, he distributes it solely to Chuck's Steak House locations. Our beef is always fresh and the steaks are cut daily right here.

Today, Chuck is still involved in 29 restaurants stretching from Guam and Hawaii in the Pacific, to the East Coast. Of these 29 restaurants, 14 are still called 'Chuck's Steak House.'

Many have tried to copy the Chuck's Steak House and salad bar concept over the years. Most have met with varying degrees of success.

BUT, we are the original, and we are STILL THE BEST!

Chuck's Steak House Locations